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What do you know now, that you wish you knew then about...?
  • We partner with behavioral health and support groups.
  • We ask their members what they've learned.
  • We turn their answers into books.
  • We share the books on-line.
  • We help change lives.
Find HOPE. Learn the ropes from those who went before you.
Give HOPE. Scout the trail for those who are to follow.
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  Stop reinventing the wheel. We're all in this together and you ARE NOT alone.

Build your own book
...and become part of theLife Lesson Library

We partner with behavioral health and support organizations to offer our on-line software and services to their members.

Expert interviews trace the life-cycle of your member’s experiences and explore what they’ve learned.

Members work on the project as a group, but they individually decide what to talk about.

Each response to the interview get compiled in a book. Every author gets a copy, and every book goes into our Library.

We help people have conversations they would never have otherwise, and work to ensure that the lessons learned by one are shared by all.

Recognition and Acceptance ...
The bipolar me was sleeping with men and women. I was totally out of control! I was spending right into $40,000 worth of bankruptcy. Something had to stop the madness. Then I had a psychotic break and ended up in the hospital. Whe...
Posted by jani22

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